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Thursday, 15 March 2012 00:00

The product collection purposely designed with good aim in mind for those people with fashion and who love simple, spotless, worry free maintenance, natural good looking texture, lightweight, original and unique designs as well as a lifetime use of fine indoor, outdoor & leisure furniture for their recent lifestyle at their hotel and restaurant lounge, garden rooms, patio, timber decking, pool and beach, sauna and wellness areas, lanai, conservatories and verandas.

Every new product item produced especially well designed to provide higher standards of functionality, comfort, flexibility, durability and maximum satisfaction. The product models go through rigid and rigorous testing before final introduction to ensure a long lasting use.

The advantage of using greecofiber polypeel aside from non-toxic and environment-friendly is that it is waterproof and has the ability to stretch, absorb shocks, and resume normal length. It also resists abrasion, rot, decay, discoloration, fungus growth and resistant to temperature variations. It has been designed to meet your expectations not to fade or split and is very easy to clean.

Greeco is a polyethylene synthetic fiber that has been developed in Cebu, Philippines. It meets all standard specifications as the premier weaving material for outdoor and indoor furniture and accessories.


Unique Properties of Greeco

Unlike ordinary plastic cords and other synthetic fibers, Greeco has a unique performance capabilities:

• It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly

• It is anti color fading

• It is UV and weather resistant

• It is washable and durable

• It is resistant to moisture, sea water and chlorinated water

• It is 100% recyclable

• does not contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)


Advantages of Using Greeco

☼ Produces sizes and colors of your choice.

☼ Customization - width, size, texture and color.

☼ Eco-friendly - in-organic colorants and materials so all our fibers are free of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and chromium.

☼ Delivery - guaranteed fast and on time delivery.




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