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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 10:11

GREECO strictly controls its fiber production, dedicated to quality-checking each and every spool. GREECO’s research team dedicated to the fiber’s continual improvement and rigorously monitor every step of the process to ensure quality and improvement. GRECO uses the latest extrusion technology to produce the top of the line fiber, operated by highly trained and experienced team.

GREECO Fiber, the world’s finest, is built with an exceptional range of properties. Advancement of Technology has provided a new way of weaving, giving flexibilty & strength to unlimited shapes & designs.GREECO fiber is a non-toxic,high resistance to UV, High resistance to extreme weather /climate conditions (-25°C to 60°C), high resistance to natural chemical agents (saltwater, chlorine-swimming pool water, soap), extremely durable from tension, tear, and splitter & most important it is recyclable. Easy maintenance using soap and water, no need for toxic chemicals/cleansers or wax to clean GREECO fibers.


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